California law requires the following:

  1. Minor talent must now be on-boarded as an employee. The parent or guardian will need to prepare and sign all digital on-boarding forms for their child. I-9 verification requires the parent to fill out a Docusign version of the I-9 as a preparer/translator for their minor. One form of ID from List A OR one form from List B AND List C of acceptable documents is required to be brought in person for verification. List of acceptable documents.

  2. Any minor from 15 days* to 18 years of age requires a valid Work Permit


  4. *No infant under the age of one month may be employed on any motion picture set or location unless a licensed physician who is board certified in pediatrics provides a written certification that the infant is at least 15 days old and in his or her medical opinion, the infant was carried to full term, was normal birth weight, is physically capable of handling the stress of filmmaking, and the infant's lungs, eyes, heart and immune system are sufficiently developed to with-stand the potential risks. [LC 1308.8 (a)]

  5. Coogan Trust Account

  6. The parent or guardian will have to supply proof of a Coogan trust account in order for payment to be received for any work their minor performs in the entertainment industry*. 15% of the minor’s gross wages are required to be withheld by the employer and deposited into the Coogan account within 15 days of employment. The parent must supply the Coogan Trust routing and account number to the employer. These wages will also be taxed.

  7. * The entertainment industry is defined in state regulations as "...any organization, or individual, using the services of any minor in:  motion pictures of any type (film, videotape, etc.), by any medium (theater, television, videocassette, etc.); photography; recording; modeling; theatrical productions; publicity; rodeos; circuses; musical performances; and any other performances; and any other performances where minors perform to entertain the public." [8 CCR 11751]

  8. Parent/ Guardian must be present

  9. Studio Teacher must be present for every 10 minors in this age bracket.

  10. Studio teachers may require early meal periods if they determine that a child is uncomfortable or hungry.

California law also requires the following:

Work hours for minors 6 months- 2 years old:

  1. Can only work 2 hours per day

  2. Can be on site for a max of 4 hours per day.

  3. Must have a 30 min break for rest and meal.

Work hours for minors 2 years- 5 years old:

  1. Can only work 3 hours per day.

  2. Can be on site for a max of 6 hours per day.

  3. Must have 30 min break for rest and meal.