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Your Production Timeline




Complete the Crew and Talent Worksheet

  • The Producer must provide a list of all projected talent who will need to be payrolled, on the Crew and Talent Worksheet.

  • Preferably, this list will be received no later than 3 business days prior to the shoot start date. We are happy to accommodate last-minute talent on-boarding, but it is essential that we have a full list of talent prior to their first day on set.

    NOTE: A rush on-boarding fee may apply for any talent requiring new employee on-boarding within 24 hours of their expected start date. Please refer to the Service Agreement for fee rates and breakdown.




Approve Quote of Estimated Payroll Costs

  • A quote of estimated payroll costs will be generated based on the information you provide to us on the Crew and Talent Worksheet.

  • Please approve this quote via email, no later than the date specified in your Producer Guide.

  • We need Producer approval of the estimated payroll costs before we can move forward with on-boarding your talent.

    NOTE: If applicable, a PO needs to be generated and received by by the date specified on the Producer Guide.



Payment of 100% of Estimated Payroll Costs

  • Once you have approved the quote, we will invoice you for 100% of the estimated payroll costs. This payment is required by the first day of the project unless otherwise stated.

    NOTE: We have financing options available to you. Please reach out to  with inquiries, or refer to the fees and rates section of the Service Agreement.



Final Payroll Approval:

  • Once your production wraps, you will receive an email with final payroll hours, including any applicable overtime. Reply via email by the deadline listed in the Producer Guide that all hours are approved.

    NOTE: If there are any discrepancies, please let us know immediately so that we can work with the talent to update the report.



Final Payment:

  • Once payroll is processed, you will receive a final invoice for our payroll fees, plus any additional costs associated with your project.

  • We require payment within NET 15 days from the receipt of our final invoice.

    NOTE: If you or your talent have any questions regarding payment status or tax reporting, have them contact

Meal and Rest Periods


By California law, you must provide the employee a mandated half-hour lunch break by the 5th and 10th consecutive hour worked, along with two 10 minute rest periods. If they are unable to take the full half hour for lunch by the mandated cut off time, a meal penalty of one full hour will apply. The first meal break can be waived by the talent or crew signing a meal waiver form. The second break can be waived up to the 12th hour only if the first meal break was not waived. If the talent is working over 12 hours, the second break cannot be waived and an additional meal break of one full hour must be provided.

Hourly Rate vs. Day Rate

By California law, anything over 8 consecutive hours worked in the same day, or 40 hours in the same work week is considered overtime.

If your crew is booked on a 10-hour day, the breakdown will be 8 regular hours, 1.5 hours of overtime, and a half hour of unpaid lunch.

We will specify any actualovertime hours incurred over the industry standard 10-hour day.

NOTE: Our hourly rates are based on the day rates that you provide us on the Crew and Talent Worksheet.


Workplace Related Illness or Injury


If a workplace related injury or illness occurs to any payrolled talent during the course of the production project, please refer to the Workman’s Comp Kit link in the Project Guide for instructions and immediately contact