Payroll Services


The California labor laws and employment tax codes that govern paying models, production assistants, stylists, assistant stylists, hair & makeup and others working in the photo production industry are tricky and complex. We make it easy to get your talent paid so you can focus on your creative endeavors. OOTB manages all your ongoing staffing payroll needs.

Our payroll solutions are fast, easy, and downright magical. We understand the nuanced rules and regulations in California and provide you with an account manager to keep the details straight so that you can get back to doing what you do best. 


Digitized Time Cards 

We provide a digital time card system that simplifies payroll, calculation and the accounting processes. Our electronic time cards are easy for the employee to access, helping your talent stay compliant with all wage and hourly tracking.


Coogan Accounts & Child Models

OOTB complies with all Child Labor laws ensuring minor payroll is handled correctly.


Production Payroll Approval 

You will be able to quickly and efficiently approve your production's payroll once the job wraps. You will receive a final hours report with the individual break down for each employee.


We work with Agency Partners 

We communicate with your agency partners and pay them directly so that commissions are accounted for and your talent and business partners are happy

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Our Payroll Promise

Your employees will enjoy the benefit of weekly payroll. If needed, next day payroll is available for employees who need it by law.