Our Customizable Process


At OOTB we understand that each company is unique. We tailor our services to your specific needs and manage the details from start to finish. 


Step 1 


You Pick the Talent 

We assign you a dedicated account manager. They help eliminate headaches and let you stay focused on your production.

Step 2 

We On-board & Payroll 

Our web based on-boarding platform will get your talent ready for their first day on set.  We manage all your payroll needs and next day payroll is available if required. OOTB will manage Coogan accounts and model commissions. We can also take care of your agency partner billing. 

Step 3 

We Protect You and Your Employees

We protect you by acting as employers of your talent. We provide top-rated workers' compensation coverage for employees on set. We adhere to all CA employee mandates ensuring your employees are benefiting from Paid Sick Leave and employee benefit programs when eligible.

Step 4 

We Summarize Your Payroll Production

We provide comprehensive and detailed end-of-shoot summaries with vendor coding and final budget reconciliation.