Our customized process redefines efficiency


We recognize that our clients do not always have the time to handle the immediate needs of payroll and human resources. That is where we come in. OOTB works with you to find a process that works for your team. 


Account Manager  

account manager@2x.png

We assign you a hands-on account manager who oversees your production from start to finish.

Account manager roles

  • On-board first time employees

  • Time card receipt and review

  • Manage expenses and reimbursables

  • Provide a comprehensive package at the end of the shoot with all payroll costs for your approval

Employee On-boarding 


On-boarding employees is quick and seamless.

OOTB On-boarding at a glance

  • Employees are on-boarded through our online platform.

  • Our secure employee portal allows talent to easily manage their personal data, access paperless pay stubs, W2s, and payment history

  • Employees have access to an employee handbook online

  • Same day employee on-boarding is available upon request

  • We can offer an OOTB account manager on location to handle the onboarding for large-scale productions.

Electronic Time Cards 

electronic time cards@2x.png

We get your talent set up for payroll online and manage all the details.  

  • Electronic time card management allows your employees to track their hours on the go

  • We have a comprehensive understanding of industry day rates which is important when converting those rates into hourly calculations according to CA labor laws

  • All overtime is reviewed and approved by production

  • We know the ins and outs of meal and rest period regulations and help you navigate how to stay compliant

Agency Fees, Commissions & Coogan Accounts


We understand that dealing with talent agencies can be difficult and frustrating. We take care of all of the other details that come with payroll for photo production. 

  • We take this off your plate by working with agencies directly. This ensures agency fees, commissions, and talent payments are handled correctly.

  • Your account manager reviews all reimbursable expenses and makes sure they are properly reconciled

  • Our understanding of Child Labor laws and Coogan accounts minimizes payroll errors

Production Summary 

production summary@2x.png

We provide you the “big picture” for each production.

  • We deliver a detailed summary of your production costs and fees.

  • We can provide a full break down of all costs by individual vendor codes

Customized Process

custom process@2x.png

Our expert account managers understand the needs of each production.

  • OOTB works with you to create the best process for your production from start to finish.

  • Our “Yes” team thinks out of the box in creative and proactive ways to fill the needs of each client.