Out of the Box Productions offers customizable payroll solutions from a team that understands the unique needs of the commercial photography industry. We provide workers’ comp and help you with the complex rules and regulations of HR compliance so you can focus on creating beautiful images.



HR Compliance

HR compliance has never been so easy. We protect you and your employees with our A+ rated workers comp policy and keep your company up to date with evolving California HR regulations, so you can grab that extra cup of coffee before the shoot starts. 


Payroll Services

Our modern approach to payroll solutions makes it fast and easy for your talent to get paid through our integrated online system. Last minute shoot? With same-day on-boarding, you can even add that llama trainer to the call sheet. 


Customized Process

Do you want production payroll costs summarized and wrapped up in a bow? Our team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your unique production needs are met, your team is happy, and your pictures look beautiful.